How do I get a medical marijuana card in Massachusetts?

Getting a medical card in Massachusetts may seem daunting, but the process is actually quite manageable!

Some of the benefits of obtaining a medical marijuana card in Massachusetts are:

  • No tax on medical products (MA dispensaries must impose a 20% tax on recreational products)
  • Higher-dosed products are available to medical patients
  • Medical patients can access our special product promotions and discounts

Before registering as a patient with the Medical Use of Marijuana Program, and becoming certified to carry a Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Patient or Caregiver card the Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires that you must:

1. Receive your Certification from a Qualified Medical Marijuana Health Care Provider

Find a Doctor and book an appointment with them.

The initial consult typically includes a standard medical intake questionnaire, and the doctor will inquire as to your medical need for cannabis. Most doctors who register marijuana patients are well-versed in cannabis and can answer many of your questions about what products to use and how to use them to treat your medical conditions.

2. Complete your Massachusetts State Registration

Should you have questions regarding the registration process, please contact the Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana Program at 617-660-5370

Register Here

3. Prepare for your visit at our Plymouth or Mashpee location
  • Review our medical dispensary menus 
  • Visit or Plymouth (South Shore) or Mashpee (Cape Cod) Dispensary (appointment not required)
4. Visit us in Plymouth (South Shore) or Mashpee (Cape Cod)

Our team will be happy to meet you! After checking in at our reception desk, you’ll be directed towards the medical dispensary where you can ask questions, meet our team, and shop for your medical products!

  • PLYMOUTH: 9 Collins Avenue, Plymouth MA 02360
  • MASHPEE: 29 Echo Road, Mashpee MA 02649
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